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You invest precious time + money

to keep your people happy



How well is your investment working for you?

We help workplace leaders to realize their investments in people.

We do so by delivering Best Possible when the field around us is comfortable with status quo.

Status quo gets you:

An approach that treats your Benefits investment as a big, unavoidable cost.

A very expensive passenger seat to high-cost claims of uncertain efficacy (value) to the patient (plan member or family member).

A broker with a lot of personality, and a strategy low on long-term thinking or real innovation.

Fun fact: the average age for a broker is 59.

An approach that transforms your Benefits cost into an investment

An action plan which places you in the driver's seat by bringing best evidence to reduce waste + uncertainty so you can focus on creating value for all your people.

Strategies based on the long-term, real-world needs of your people, armed with an arsenal of tools backed by evidence.

The ability to demand returns from the investment in your people, and tools to track progress + precision.

A new level of value that you can see and that you never imagined you could expect simply from choosing an advisory that is flat out relentless about long-term results + value.

Our Total Rewards Toolbox (TM) delivers Best Practice or Beyond solutions in:

Workplace Health

Pooled Life + Disability + Critical Illness

Guaranteed Issue Policies

Wellness + Health System Access
Group Retirement

Executive + Key Person Rewards

Special Risk Coverage

Out-of-Country Care + Travel Plans

Expatriate + Inpatriate Coverage

Multinational Programs

Our Beyond Best Practice Approach gets you:

Our Beyond Best Practice Total Rewards Programs (TM) exceed expectations by

delivering proven Tools + a bespoke Road Map meeting the real-world, 

long-term needs of you + your people,

often at the same cost or less than your current plan with its murky real returns.

But these are not just words on a page.

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